Pool Renovations: Why Should I Choose Pebble Pool Interiors?

pebble pool interiors pool renovations

pebble pool interiors pool renovations

One of the most cost-effective ways to completely transform the look of your pool is to go for swimming pool resurfacing. Pool renovations and resurfacing done by simply changing the surface of your pool will not only make it look stunning instantly, it will also fix common surface defects such as peeling and cracking with a little investment.

From plaster pool finishes to pebble pool interiors, there are endless options to choose from these days. Let’s take a look at some of the helpful tips for pool renovations you can use to infuse a new life in your swimming pool.

Pool Renovations: Choosing the Right Surface

Gone are the days when pool owners had to waste money on pool finishes that did not last more than 10 -15 yearsPebble pool interiors are all the rage now in the pool industry. Though there are several other durable and long-lasting options such as glass and quartz, pebble pool interiors can deliver you the best value for money. So, instead of opting for traditional plaster finishes when you are on a tight budget, choosing pebble pool surfaces is a better alternative.

What Are Pebble Pool Interiors?

Pebble pool interiors use a specially formulated layer of cement that contains small colourful stones and pebbles to lend a more natural and authentic look to the finish. You can choose from a variety of stones and pebbles in a range of colours and sizes to suit your pool design requirements. Not only are pebble surfaces affordable, they are also more durable and tougher than most other surfaces.

Moreover, with pebble pool interiors, you won’t have to worry about stains and everyday wear and tear anymore.  These surfaces are exceptionally resistant to pool chemicals and can easily last more than two decades without any major maintenance requirements.

Having your swimming pool renovated or remodelled is often a time-consuming and complex project. However, if done right, it can significantly improve the resale value of your property and you can reap some amazing benefits for years and years.

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