How We Do Pool Renovations: A Look inside the Transformation System

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Most parts of your home will require renovations at some point of time or another. Many people usually associate renovations with activities that happen indoors. However, there is one very important aspect of the house that will need renovations but people often ignore it. Yes, we’re talking about swimming pool renovations and other services such as pool resurfacing and pool crack repair.

The importance of the pool in a household, and consequently, the demand for pool renovations have been increasing off late, especially since families are getting more aware of the importance of active lifestyle for their children. Not just that- having a pool increases the resale value of the house, and is way safer and more convenient than having to get a gym membership every year.

Having said this, there are probably a few basic questions in your mind. Let’s take a look:


Why Do A Pool Renovation Or Pool Resurfacing?

A pool is just a hole in the ground- why would it need pool renovations? Well, you would have to get the tiling changed on the floors and walls, or maybe the paint is peeling off, and you have to get some pool crack repair. The chances of all this happening increase with age.

Another chance is that you just want an upgraded pool- maybe something with better lights, or even a water fixture. From pebble pool interiors to concrete pool resurfacing, you’ve a number of options to choose from to accomplish these goals.


Who Will Do This Swimming Pool Renovation For Me?

Pool restoration in Sydney is a specialized task that you’d need professionals for. Experienced specialists, such as Amazing Pool Renovations can understand what you want your pool to look like, and identify what are the changes that have to be made for the same. If it is in-ground pool repair or any straightforward swimming pool renovations, it will be a set process.

When you choose a contractor as experienced and detail-oriented as Amazing Pool Renovations, what you will get is an elaborate 22 step system for pool restoration that will take care of any structural and aesthetic improvements you’re looking for. Let’s take a brief look at the 22 steps transformation system.

Step 1 – Pump out Water

Step 2 – Remove Hydro Valve

Step 3 – Inspect Hardness

Step 4 – Identify and Remove Drummy Marble sheen

Step 5 – Remove Rust & Repair

Step 6 – Remove All Visible Cracks

Step 7 – Create Angle Channel

Step 8 – Acid Etch Interior

Step 9 – Install Hydro Valve

Step 10 – Patch Drummy Areas

Step 11 – Pressure Wash

Step 12 – Apply Bonding Slurry Coat

Step 13 – Lay New Waterline Tiles

Step 14 – Lay Pool Coping

Step 15 – Apply New Interior

Step 16 – Acid Expose New Interior

Step 17 – Set New Grease Plate

Step 18 – Bleach Bath Filtration System

Step 19 – Clean Site & Remove Rubbish

Step 20 – Refill Pool

Step 21 – Chemically Rebalance Pool

Step 22 – Vacuum Clean Pool


We make sure that we prep the pool first, before inspecting the harness, removing any rust & visible cracks that have developed. Then we acid etch the interior, and replace the old hydro valve. After this, the drummy areas of your swimming pool will be patched, pressure washed, and new waterline tiles will be applied, along with the new interior. As the finishing touches, we will acid expose the interior, bleach bath the entire filtration system, clean your pool, and chemically rebalance it to perfection so that you can go back to using it on the very same day!

We give you the 22 step guarantee- and believe us, it will make you want to throw a pool party every weekend- so that you can show off how great your new pool is, and inspire the envy of all your friends. For more information, visit the leading specialists – Amazing Pool Renovations or simply call the experts at 02 9729 1108 now!