The Key Parts of Pebble Pool Interiors To Find

pebble pool interiors

pebble pool
Adding a pebble interior to your pool is one of the most sensible ideas to consider among swimming pool renovations. Such a space adds a beautiful surface you are bound to love. But as you look at one of these surfaces, you will have to look at how well the interior is laid out. There are multiple parts of pebble pool interiors that need to be explored.

Natural Stones

To start, your interior has a series of natural pebbles and other stones. These should be sanded and cut to create a smooth surface while still offering a natural look. These stones may come in many sizes and tones.

Artificial Stones

Artificial stones can be added to pebble pool interiors as well. An artificial stone features a polymer or ceramic surface that is configured to feature a distinct colour or shape. The main intention is to create a fine pattern or accent that mixes in well with the natural stones you add to the surface of your pool.


Cement is a must for these swimming pool renovations. Cement keeps the pebbles in your pool interior together. You can get the cement smoothed out during the installation process, but it works best when the base that the cement is added onto is smooth and even at the start.

Dyes and Additives

Some dyes or additives may be included in your pool interior. These include added colours that create a dynamic look all around. Other additives entail sealants that keep the inside of your pool from taking in more water than what it can afford.

Whatever you plan on getting out of pebble pool interiors, you should see that your interior comes with all of the features listed here. Talk with Amazing Pool Renovations for additional details on what you can get out of a beautiful inside for your pool that will look great throughout the year.