Pool Resurfacing Sutherland Shire: Top 5 Signs That Will Tell Your Pool Needs Resurfacing

concrete pool resurfacing

concrete pool resurfacing  

Are you a proud owner of a large size pool at home? Maintaining the pool’s original aesthetic appeal can be quite challenging as the plastering deteriorates over time. Keep in mind, most pools plaster are designed to last for up to 10 years the maximum. So, if you want to know when the pool needs resurfacing here are top five signs to watch out according to a pool resurfacing Sutherland Shire expert.


1. Evidence of erosion marks

This is one of the visible signs that will give you a clue that your pool may require resurfacing is when there are erosion marks at the bottom part of the pool’s surface. Erosion marks do happen and normal on any type of pool due to the constant movement of water. As the friction of water affects the pool’s surface it can lead to erosion and eventually create unsightly marks.


2. Stubborn stains

Another warning sign that you have to keep a watchful eye while maintaining a pool is staining. Stains are common issues for most pool owners. Some stains can be easily removed by brushing. However, if you encounter stubborn stains that no amount of brushing will get rid of them this is a clear indicator of permanent staining. Is that possible? Yes, and it could be due to excessive use of some chemicals or presence of metal component like an existing pool heated. If so, you may need to consult a contractor with expertise on pool renovations and request a quote for resurfacing project.


3. Rough spots on the pool flooring

Do you often get your feet skin scraped while stepping on the pool flooring? If yes, there could be an issue of rough spots on the pool’s surface floor. Why it occurs? Over time the pool deteriorates including the surface flooring, resulting to rough spots. Another factor that may lead to rough spots on the pool floor according to the pool resurfacing Sutherland Shire expert is due to chemical imbalance. Chemical imbalance happens when the pH levels of the pool aren’t met. Presence of rough spots on the pool’s flooring has a huge impact on its overall appearance.


4. Loosened pool tiles

If properly installed the pool tiles are expected to stay intact. However, as the pool ages, the grout may corrode and eventually lead to loosened tiles. The best way to check if there are loosened pool tiles is when you see the adhesive component starts to “pop” off. Again, loosened pool tiles similar to rough spots can create an unsightly view on the pool and be risky to swimmers. Why? Loosened tiles could lead to accidental cuts.


5. Water level seems to decrease

All pools need to reach a specific water level. If you have noticed lately that the pool’s water level keep decreasing at a faster rate than the usual, this could mean cracks underneath the pool’s surface. Again, the best solution to resolve this issue according to the expert of pool resurfacing Sutherland Shire is undergoing pool renovations.

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Image Source: Pixabay