5 Great Features You Can Have in Your Pebblecrete Pool

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Pebblecrete pools are a great sight to behold. Even though their maintenance can be challenging for inexperienced owners, very few people ever really complain about having one of these in their house. Indeed, having a Pebblecrete pool in your home can really increase its market value.


But this is not the end of all exquisite pool designs and features. In fact, there are a ton of things you can do to further improve your pool’s visual style and aesthetic appeal. So, here are some popular pool features you can consider including in your pool.


5 Great Pool Features to Beautify Your Pool

 1.     Waterfalls

Waterfalls are easily among the most popular pool additions people consider every time they have a swimming pool resurfacing job done. They look especially stunning on Pebblecrete pools. However, even concrete pool owners can get them for a relatively modest price.


2.     Fountains


For those among us who prefer a more decorative approach, pool fountains are the perfect addition to any swimming pool. Again, Pebblecrete pools and other variants sport these fountains much more majestically. But even simpler pools can have these features in them.


3.     Jacuzzi


A Jacuzzi is a dream addition to many pool owners and the perfect excuse to get a concrete pool resurfacing done. This will make having guests over a grand event at all times of the year. No one who has a Jacuzzi has ever regretted having it installed.


4.     Wall Jets


A popular choice for those who like having a bit of water sport in their pool side fun, wall jets are beautiful and inexpensive. They are relatively low maintenance and go for a considerable while before demanding maintenance. So, if you want a quick pool addition, this is definitely a good choice.


5.     Deck Jets


Similar to wall jets, deck jets shoot out spurts of water from the deck. These are another impressive addition which can add a lot of value to your pool. Make sure to choose a good company for the installation job if you want them working for a long spell.


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