Why Pebble Pool Interiors Are Becoming Popular?

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Finally, you bought a property with a swimming pool and wish to upgrade its aesthetic appearance. Well, among the popular choices for swimming pools are the pebble pool interiors. Why? There are many reasons that made pebble material a widely sought plastering, resurfacing as well as final finishing interior on pools and here are some of them.

Reason #1 – Availability of variety of colour schemes

Pebble pool interiors are ideal for any pool owner with a creative spirit because of the variety of colours this particular material has to offer. So, if you are a picky client and want a themed colour for your pool as well as your house, you will be astounded with the wide selections of colours from shades of blue to the natural shade of emerald green. In fact, more than fifteen colour schemes are just waiting to suit a client’s personality.

Reason #2 – Comfort

Some of us fear of going for pebble pool interiors when doing swimming pool resurfacing because of the belief that the pool surface would be uncomfortable and slipper. On the contrary, premium quality pebbles do come in miniature sizes with smooth texture that is comfortable to walk on. There are also pebbles with anti-slip and resilient features that resolve the worries of a pool owner on accidental slips.

Reason #3 – Wide range of designs

Aside from varieties of colours and smoother texture pebble pool interiors can produce unique designs that any pool owner can call his or her own masterpiece. With wide a range of designs to choose and explore any design that pops into your creative mind can be customised.  If you want to achieve a modern look on your swimming pool this can be done with the supervision of an experienced pool renovation company.

Reason #4 – Require low maintenance

Unlike other pool interior finishing materials, pebbles are low maintenance. This is beneficial for pool owners that don’t have time to conduct regular cleaning. Besides, one of the distinct traits of pebbles is being stain-resistant.

Are there disadvantages for choosing pebble pool interiors?

Based on the experiences of reputable pool renovation companies offering swimming pool resurfacing services the pebble pool interiors have minimum downsides. One of them is the price because expect to pay more on pebble finish than other pool interior finishing materials such as plaster. Another is the possibility of mineral accumulation on the pool surface. But, with proper care and correct water chemistry, any pool owner can avoid the issue of scaling.

Do you need an expert pebble pool installer in Australia?

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