Pool Resurfacing – Top 4 symptoms of a pool that needs resurfacing

Swimming pools have always been high maintenance and they always will be they are even highly regulated. When you have a pool built you expect it to last decades, and most pools just manage to do so. However, with every type of pool surface whether it be Fiberglass Lining, Marble sheen, Tiles, Vinyl or Pebblecrete pools there comes a time when Pool resurfacing becomes necessary. Here are the top 4 symptoms of a pool that needs resurfacing.

Pool shell cracking can be superficial and considered not a deficiency but it can also be structural and a huge deficiency for your swimming pool. Significant cracking can cause leaking to occur and may also affect the chemical balance of the pool as new bacteria are exposed. Hence, identifying the symptom of cracking (especially if structural) allows us to know when a pool is needed to be resurfaced.

Spalling or peeling and flaking occur when a thin layer of the pool surface starts to peel off. This is very often seen at the steps of the pool or on the edges and down to the floor. It’s not reversible and it can be very noticeable as black marks begin to appear on the surface of the pool due to the peeling. Additionally, once it starts it won’t stop, showing up in other areas of the pool as well. When noticing a few of these spots, or even one, it’s a good idea to get your pool resurfaced.

Surface Stains may also occur in your pool after some time. The two most common stains are calcium salt and copper stains. These stains discolor the pool and give off a blue/gray color on the surface which can quite honestly become unsettling. A solution some may resort to, to clear the stains before resurfacing is acid washing. However, there comes a time when the stains become too embedded into the pool surface that an acid wash won’t suffice, plus acid washing can cause additional damage to the pool in another manner.

Roughness is a symptom common in pebblecrete pools which can be noticed physically by swimmers when the surface starts to feel a bit too rough beneath your feet. This can be caused by acid washes and other acids that are put into the pool. This creates heavy calcium deposits which roughen up the surface of the pool quite significantly over time. Children may come out of the pool with bloodied and sore toes, making this an issue that should be swiftly repaired through Pool resurfacing. Get your pool renovation quote today at Amazing Pool Renovations!