How to maintain Swimming pool in this Pandemic Situation?

Yes, we can maintain swimming pools at home and in public areas safe with Due to the range of chemicals used to keep the water clean and sanitized in both public and private swimming pools; the water tends to be 90% germ-free. Many experts say that chlorine and other chemicals will kill traces of Coronavirus intensity.

Most importantly we all need to follow WHO Recommendations of 15mg.min/liter chlorine level in water are sufficient to keep water virus free. As all advice indicates, personal hygiene when out of the water is of the utmost importance for keeping you safe. Ensuring you have disinfected your hands after you’ve pushed and pulled door handles and gate fences or touched.

Proper pool resurfacing, disinfection spray of the pool should definitely remove the cause of the virus if it may arise.

Important Note – All swimming pools whether indoor or outdoor can be maintained with proper care. Contact Amazing Pool Renovation for pool maintenance instructions during this pandemic time.