Why Many Australians Select Pebble Pool Finishes in their Inground Swimming Pools

Over the years, pebble pool interiors have become remarkably popular throughout the country. When compared to plastered pool interiors, pebble pool interiors can be quite superior. Pebble pool surfaces can exude a unique and attractive look. They denote an exposed aggregate finish that can you’re your pool look idyllic. Moreover, they come in a diverse selection of finishing options. This makes them highly customisable as you can pick a finish based on a preferred pattern, texture, and color.

Pebblecrete pool surfaces can be ideal for your inground pools. However, homeowners will need to be aware of the unique characteristics that these surfaces have. Some people feel that these surfaces can be relatively expensive than their plastered counterparts. Others feel that pebble pool surfaces can feel slightly rough on the feet too. But, this concern will usually arise only if your workers have not installed the surface properly. For some people, the concerns about calcium or mineral build-up on pebble pool surfaces make them avoid it. But, people who maintain their pools well will be able to eliminate these concerns.

If you’re considering getting the professionals to resurface your inground pool, you should consider the merits of pebble pool interiors. Pebble pool surfaces:

  • Offer Immense Choices in Colour: From denim blue to deep sea-green, pebble pool surfaces come in a diverse selection of colors. The best suppliers of these surfaces can give you a wide choice from which to choose.
  • Come in a Wide Range of Textures: As mentioned earlier, some people find pebble pool surfaces to be a turn-off, in terms of their comfort underfoot. However, you can minimize this discomfort by opting for quality pebble surfaces that come in smaller sizes. Among other things, pebble pool surfaces will be non-slip, resilient, and reliable.
  • Require Minimal Levels of Maintenance: Concrete pool resurfacing professionals will attest to the fact that pebble pool surfaces require low levels of maintenance. These surfaces do not require a lot of brushing. They do not stain very easily either. Pebble pool surfaces will usually be long-lasting and come with non-slip finishes that can be easier to clean than plastered surfaces.
  • Provide Superior Levels of Durability: Unlike traditional plaster pool surfaces, pebble pool surfaces will be much tougher. They do not wear out. In terms of thickness, a single finish of pebbles will equate to the traditional plaster finish. Pool resurfacing professionals will usually add several layers of strong stone and bind them with tinted or white plaster. As a result, your pebble pool surface will be much thicker and last you for several years. Over time, this aspect can save you a lot of money towards maintenance expenses.

Unlike other pool finishes, skilled professionals apply pebble finishes by hand. After completing the installation of the pebble pool surface, these workers will use a combination of water and muriatic acid for powder washing the finish. The powder-wash eliminates all the unwanted concrete from the topmost layer, thereby exposing the pebbles at the surface, which will make your pool look exquisite.