Is it Time for Concrete Pool Resurfacing?

A beautiful swimming pool is a great enhancement to any home. Whether you want to impress your friends and neighbors or increase the sale value of your home, a freshly surfaced pool is sure to transform an ordinary backyard into a paradise. Over the life of a pool, the surface naturally degrades and concrete pool resurfacing becomes essential to retaining its appeal, many concrete surfaces will last for about 15 years before needing to be resurfaced. Surprisingly, many repair processes for swimming pools are either similar in price, or more expensive than complete swimming pool renovations, often making resurfacing a much more logical choice.

So when should you consider concrete pool resurfacing? There are a few key signs that your pool surface is reaching its ‘use-by date’:

  • Stains and Rusting: older pool surfaces may begin to develop yellow or green stains and rust due to chemical processes from salt or calcium. Although these can be remedied with acid washes, it is only temporary and replacement will still be required.
  • Cracking: surfaces can crack in a few ways, small ‘eggshell’ cracks are typically not damaging to the pool’s structure but significantly take away from a pool’s visual appeal. Larger cracks can be more concerning, possibly compromising the structure of the pool. These can be best diagnosed by consistent leaking and require swimming pool renovations to solve.
  • Peeling or Spalling: this is a process that occurs in acidic water such as near chlorinators, where the surface begins to peel off. This cannot be repaired and concrete pool resurfacing is required.
  • Rough surfaces: the processes above as well as harsh pool chemicals can cause originally smooth surfaces to become rough. This makes the pool uncomfortable to use and could cut or injure swimmers.

All pools in NSW must meet a strict set of safety standards, from pool fencing and adequate CPR signage to issues regarding swimming pool renovations. When construction work is done on a pool, it must be clearly signed that the pool is not to be used. Pools that meet the safety standards will be certified by the government. Although it is legal to sell without it, passing responsibility to the next owner, this certification ensures your concrete pool resurfacing will fetch the highest price if you decide the sell or lease your home.

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