Process of draining a pool for swimming pool renovations

Swimming pool renovations are necessary procedures that must eventually be faced by any long term pool owner. Whether it is for concrete pool resurfacing or pebble pool renovations you will need to empty the pool first. There is a method you must follow for pool drainage as otherwise serious damage can be caused to its structure. Damage that could occur, naturally when draining for concrete pool resurfacing, involves the pool being pushed out of the ground due to the pool not being able to withstand the weight of dirt against it and the groundwater is too high.

Swimming pool renovations – Steps for pool drainage before any renovation begins, are:

  1. The first step for any resurfacing or renovating your swimming pool is to drain the pool for the new finishing process. At this stage in the process—the prep crew will prepare the work area. In order to properly prepare the work area, the pool needs to be drained and the hydrostatic plug removed from the pool to prevent it from popping out of the ground.
  2. If the pool has a hydrostatic relief valve, remove it as soon as possible. If you have an operating bottom drain, remove the cover and see if there is a hydrostatic relief valve. Remove the valve as the pool is being drained.
  3. Water tends to linger at the bottom of the pool and not drain out (around 40 cm or so) hence it is essential to be ready with a pump and to do this step quickly.
  4. Once the water has been pumped it’s time to remove the cover of the bottom drain
  5. Place a 3 to 6-inch pipe into the valve in the bottom drain and put a hose through it.
  6. Bring the hose up over the top of the coping and attach a pump to draw groundwater from underneath the pool and drain away from the pool. Doing this step correctly results in the minimization of the risk of damage that was stated above.

Completing the following steps will ensure that you have safely drained your pool for the swimming pool renovations to follow.

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