Why choose a Pebble Pool Interior?

Choosing the right material for your pool is important when you’re renovating as it can be tricky. The most common material residents are now choosing is pebble pool interiors as it has a clean finish and is much more durable than the other materials and has a wider choice of colors you can choose from.

Pools with a pebble interior are constructed from cement and refined pebbles. The cement is first applied onto the pool and is then followed by a layer of glue for the pebble mix.  Once the pebble mix has been applied, for a smooth finish the mixture often gets water blasted for its finishing.

The durability of pebble pool interiors often lasts many years and doesn’t need to be replaced often. The color lasts longer and if the pool is maintained well, you won’t actually need to replace the interior making it more affordable for you and your family’s savings. Pebble pool interiors save you more time, and bigger family savings as the need for maintenance won’t be as high as other materials like plaster surfaces.  Plaster surfaces are often less durable and require more maintenance costs, leaving your pockets emptier.