Has Fall Landed in your Pool? Extreme Leaf Removal from your Pool

Autumn breezes and warm fall days. Beautiful to look at, but if your pool is surrounded by lots of deciduous trees – it can also make a lot of work to keep the pool clean, especially for pools having pebble Crete pool interiors.


I consider myself an expert in pool leaf removal, having personally removed over a million floating and sunken leaves, by my own estimation.


Here’s how to reduce the work and, get the leaves out of your pool with less effort.


Control your pool skimmer – Pool renovation/cleaning


Check to make sure that your skimmer weirs are in place. Weirs help increase the flow of water into the skimmer and, help to lock leaves inside the skimmer when the pump shuts off.


Optimise the flow return


A circular flow of water around the pool helps to gently guide floating leaves in front of the skimmer, helping to trap them before they sink. Aim one or more eyeball fittings towards the surface, to get a small amount of surface action or ripple in the water. This helps to carry leaves around the pool to the skimmer more effectively.


Pool Stain Removal from Leaves


After correcting a leaf overload problem, plastered pools may be stained from the tannins in the leaves. Balancing the water and shocking the pool will usually remove leaf stains. Extreme leaf stains in a plastered pool may require acid washing to see any real removal success. Vinyl pools may stain on the steps and ladders more easily than the vinyl. If balancing the pool and raising the chlorine level for a few weeks doesn’t help to remove leaf stains on a vinyl pool, look to Stain Free to remove it naturally, with Vitamin C!


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