7 Renovation Ideas to Make Your Swimming Pool Look Cool

If your old swimming pool design doesn’t fit the modern style anymore, it’s undoubtedly an excellent idea if you make renovations to it.

Making improvements to your pool can provide it with an aesthetic appeal and can increase its relaxing ambiance. You’ll also raise the property value of your home if you do a pool renovation.

The good thing is that there are a lot of renovation ideas out there to improve the look of your swimming pool. If you follow the list below, you’ll surely turn your swimming pool into a nice place to spend your free time. So, here’s a list of pool renovation ideas for that purpose.

Additional Water Features

It’s an excellent idea to add extra water features to make your pool area look attractive. You can install fountains, mini waterfalls, scuppers, and sprayers near it for that purpose.

However, before you decide to install additional water features in your pool area, it’s important to know the cost of such installations. Nowadays, it will need you to shell out a significant budget for it. The maintenance of additional water features will also be costly because of the electricity and water expenses that should be covered for them to function.

Waterline Tiles

Updating the waterline tile in your pool area will give it a refreshing aesthetic appeal that can suit up to modern pool designs nowadays. You can choose from different styles and patterns of waterline tiles for this purpose.

For instance, glass tiles will provide your pool with a sparkling look, stone-like tiles for a more nature-inspired appeal, or a multi-colored mosaic tiles if you want to create a unique impression to your pool area.

LED Lights

In many swimming pool designs today, it’s difficult to find old lighting fixtures anymore. Homeowners are now using LEDs because it’s more attractive and safe. LEDs are also environment-friendly and energy-efficient if you compare it to traditional lighting fixtures.

LED lighting fixtures that you’ll find in the market today come in different colors. Installing them around your pool area will also turn it into a lovely attraction.

Pool Resurfacing

You should consider pool resurfacing if your pool is already showing signs of wear and tear. This pool renovation is an excellent idea to eliminate cracks, blisters, and discolorations in your pool area and make it more beautiful and functional.


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