The Importance of Fencing in Pool Renovations

The weather is starting to get warmer again, we’re in September and swimming season is just around the corner, so it’s time to make sure your pool renovations are safe and ready for a long summer ahead. There are many important things to think about when considering pool restoration in Sydney; size, surface material, and […]

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Different Stages for swimming pool Renovations

Guideline to Design and Renovate Swimming Pool for any private or semi-private property in Sydney are the most important factor to obey. The below mention are the general guidelines for pool owner and occupied to: Minimise the risk of unsupervised access to the pool by young children. Maintain pool surface area with timely pool resurfacing […]

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Pebble Pool Maintenance Guidelines

There are certain Pebble Pool Filling Instructions. Before filling any pool its mandatory to check the hose/home water tested prior to pool filling to check it’s chemistry before it has an opportunity to effect the new interior of any pebble pool. This can easily be done at any pool retail service store. The operation of […]

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5 Signs You Should Start Considering Pool Renovations

swimming pool renovations sydney

Pool owners in Hills District are aware of the luxuriant lifestyle their pool offers them. But just like every other property investment, pools also require regular health checks or an extensive  pool renovation  at some point of time. This is not only important for aesthetical reasons but also for functionality’s sake. The last thing you […]

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Pool Resurfacing Sutherland Shire: Top 5 Signs That Will Tell Your Pool Needs Resurfacing

concrete pool resurfacing

   Are you a proud owner of a large size pool at home? Maintaining the pool’s original aesthetic appeal can be quite challenging as the plastering deteriorates over time. Keep in mind, most pools plaster are designed to last for up to 10 years the maximum. So, if you want to know when the pool […]

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How We Do Pool Renovations: A Look inside the Transformation System

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  Most parts of your home will require renovations at some point of time or another. Many people usually associate renovations with activities that happen indoors. However, there is one very important aspect of the house that will need renovations but people often ignore it. Yes, we’re talking about swimming pool renovations and other services […]

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Pool Renovations: Why Should I Choose Pebble Pool Interiors?

pebble pool interiors pool renovations

  One of the most cost-effective ways to completely transform the look of your pool is to go for swimming pool resurfacing. Pool renovations and resurfacing done by simply changing the surface of your pool will not only make it look stunning instantly, it will also fix common surface defects such as peeling and cracking […]

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